We appreciate how complex it is starting a new business or transforming an existing one



Digital Product for Monitoring User Experience

We partnered with Ryanair to build a digital product that is able to track, follow and evaluate user experience before and after the flight. More specifically, we developed a mobile application that can analyse how a flight affects the user’s sleep routine.



Digital Solution for Cross-Platform Apps, Tablets and Websites

For ERA, the real-estate agency, we developed a cross-platform project to manage increased traffic or data without sacrificing speed, built to maintain the highest standards and optimized for mobile phones, tablets and desktop website.



Motivate Your Movement with an Online Tracker

The mobile app that we created for Bernhard offers visualisations of data concerning the movement patterns of a user, specifically sitting on chairs, beds, sofas, etc. It shows how long the user sits during the day, the movements of the user and all of the intervals spent away from the sitting points.


The Economist

Incorporated Stock News in Digital Way

We created a digital solution for the financial magazine The Economist, where users can create their own financial news channel that matches their personal stock portfolios. This digital solution works cross-platform and is available for Android and iOS users, as well as through the responsive web version.


Ultrasone AG

Experience the Latest Listening Devices with an Interactive Product

Via this interactive product we’ve developed for Ultrasone AG, users can try out the newest features from the advanced audio devices. Using this demonstrational app, you are able to feel the beat!



Proximity Marketing Applications and Vouchers

For Pilsner, we have created a B2C marketing campaign platform tool where mobile users can look for and redeem vouchers and other special offers or discounts. This platform can then be triggered by “beacons”, meaning it’s triggered by location. Vouchers and other special offers can be generated by Pilsner as part of a marketing campaign, or in every pub and bar partnered with Pilsner.