Application Developer

The world has changed drastically since the advance of the Internet in the last decade. Since the turn of the 21st century, the newest development in the world of information technology was the introduction of the web on mobile phones. With the need for better functions on a phone than just a telephony device, the world of applications opened its doors to people. This also created a niche market for app developers globally. Today, it’s an industry worth in the billions of dollars annually. Every mobile service provider and handset manufacturer is looking forward to creating the best new software to use on their phones.
Apps are not only developed by the service providers and phone companies, but also by individual software entrepreneurs who have the potential, technical knowhow, and immense competitive intellect to compete in this vast field of mobile technology. There are practically no limits to the work of app developers, almost any field of profession or recreational needs are fed by applications. From complex software to work your phone like a laptop, to cool games that keep you hooked for months, to simply silly applications that are downloaded (and paid for) out of human curiosity – the market is huge.
The two biggest names in the world of mobile applications today are iPhone from iOS and Android from the stable of Google. While iPhone has an early start and boasts a few thousand more apps over Android, the latter provides most of these software free. The competition is immense, and both companies have millions of apps for people to use. App developers who are third party professionals, create apps for the companies and launch them from either the iPhone which is a paid service. They generate income from the cost of downloads, and often make the richest, most digitally advanced apps in the world. Applications created by third party developers for Android earn by pop – up ads on their programs and mostly keep free as well as paid versions available for users.
There are many companies who are doing business by custom designing mobile applications for clients who want personalized applications. This may range from shopping apps, to ones needed for particular fields of work like sportsmen, and investment bankers. Your company can also get their own personalized software which would work on multiple platforms. Considering the function of these applications, your company can save thousands of dollars on manpower investments with the right app developers’ services.
Here are a few things that you should consider, before selecting an app developer for your business:
  • Opt for someone who knows what is doing – instead of opting for amateur developers, you should choose the services of that individual who has a lot of experience in this field. The person should have a fair understanding of how the whole process works so that he/she can easily create the application which will meet all the requirements of your business.
  • Find out if they follow the rules- if you are opting for any apps development firm, make sure that they follow all the rules or guidelines given by Apple or Android while developing the app. If they fail to do so, the application will not be approved by Apple or Android and all your efforts will go in vain. The best way to determine if the follow the rules is to enquire about the format they follow while developing the app. The format will let you know if they consider all the rules and guidelines while creating apps for the iPhone.
  • Determine if they conduct any feasibility study- while developing any new applications for mobile devices, the developer need to carry a feasibility test. This test helps in understanding if it will be feasible to create the application, based on the availability of resources.
  • Determine if they provide affordable rates- apart from the above mentioned factors, you should also consider the rates charged by the firm, before making your choice. You should only opt for an app developer who can provide you with an excellent quality of service at a very affordable rate.