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With all of the advances in mobile technology, there are an abundance of new and improving products entering the market on an almost daily basis. Loaded on these devices are ‘apps’ to make them more functional and fun. As a result, app developers around the world are learning new software and scouring the market for the next best and hottest potential app idea. To play in this competitive field, it appears that there are at least 3 important things to remember, see if you agree:

3 Steps Away From Being among the Best Mobile App Developers

The competition today is huge, especially on the app development market. There are thousands of apps that are presenting almost every day. This sometimes can add pressure on the mobile app developers. But don’t worry, because there are 3 simple steps that you can follow until you have the perfect app in front of you.
  • Ease of Use – There is pretty much nothing worse than finding something you think will make your life easier to manage, only to find out you can’t figure out how to make it work. If an app is focused on providing organization for a hectic schedule, locating the hot dining places in town, or even determining where friends are sitting having coffee, they should be pretty intuitive and easy to use within a few seconds. The problem is, some apps end up creating more work than they alleviate. It would seem that the developers, in their rush to the top of the app pile have convinced themselves that ‘more is better’, and that simply isn’t true. Simple, easy to learn apps with the fewest screen taps and entry fields will find themselves with more users, and users that actually stick around. If the app is more complicated due to its subject, then the ease needs to be focused on easy to follow directions.
  • Fix Bugs Quickly – It usually takes a few tries before things work smoothly and without problems. And even then, there will still be glitches here and there, and updates that need to be made. People don’t expect perfection, but they do expect issues to be resolved quickly. If you have an app, check the forums, user ratings and comments for your app often and you will see plenty of feedback. You may even be made aware of bugs you didn’t even know were there.
  • Usability across Networks/Devices – Imagine you hear of this amazing app for the iOS OS and you have a brand new iPhone. You quickly go to the App Store on your phone, download the app and wait with impatience. Loaded up, you tap, and you tap again, and it doesn’t work! Upon further research you realize you don’t have the right cell carrier or phone model. Unfortunately, these two issues are somewhat common today. When creating an app that many will enjoy (and pass along), make sure it works across all networks and on all phone models.
Ease of use, quick bug fixes and usability across networks and devices are three of the most commonly desired features for mobile apps. If you have a great idea and concept, don’t forget the basics, and if you’re lucky, your app will go viral!
This is going to make things easy for you because this is actually the basics knowledge when creating an app. Now you have bigger chance to be among the best mobile app developers!

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