Find an App Developer

How you can find an app developer? The first thing you need to find out is what types of applications has the developer developed!
The portfolio is a perfect method to get an idea of the knowledge of a developer. The developer should be ambitious to provide a list of apps that he/she had created or somehow committed to. Moreover, you should ask the developers for links to their apps at app stores too. Developers with diverse and impressive portfolios are best choices. However, developers with far-reaching experience on a specific technology or platform can be a great advantage if you want someone in a specific niche.

Steps on How to Find App Developers

In order for you to find app developers, you need to ask some questions and analyze the potential app developers before hiring one.
  • Name of employer, customer or client the developer has worked for – This question will help you to decide how extensive the hiring process should be. If the developer has worked for one or more popular companies for a considerable period, he/she can be expected to be good and you may shrink the hiring process. If the developer has worked as a freelancer, then the contact information of client or customer will allow you to verify the kind of service that he/she provided to them. It can be done through professional networking media such as LinkedIn too.
  • How can developer make the app unique – The Mobile apps development Company is full of killer competition and apps that have one or more exclusive functions have better chance of success than others! That is the reason why the developer should be able to reveal how he/she can make the application one-of-a-kind. If the developer is being hired on a long-lasting basis, the answers of the 1st question will help you understand the talent and skills of the developer.
  • Who will test the application – There have been instances when applications have been removed from app stores or could be posted at stores due to bugs. Therefore, rigorous testing is mandatory. Ironically, developers tend to be negligent for testing as they consider their obligation to be only development. If your company is a medium-sized firm or larger, you can hire testing professionals separately.
  • How to generate revenue – It is very important for small companies to have thoroughly thought-out means of generating revenue through an application. In medium-sized companies, how to generate revenue is generally not the concern of the developer.
  • Who will own the application – Even if you intend to hire a professional mobile application developer permanently, you should clarify the ownership terms to him/her. There have been instances when developers, after separating from their employer, have claimed the ownership of applications they had developed while working for the company. The offer letter or letter-of-intent should specify whether your company will entirely own the applications developed as part of company operations or all the applications that the developers develop during the period of their employment. There are a number of sub-questions in this part and, if you are a new employer, you may need good research.