AMAG – Accomplished London-Based Mobile App Development Agency

Sharing a Passion for Developing Mobile Apps

AMAG is an accomplished, experienced, London-based mobile app development agency, with a diverse team of app developers, designers and programmers who specialise in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. Beyond our traditional scope, we have many years of creating social mobile apps and integrating API into existing apps and software. If you are planning to develop a mobile app in the near future, you are likely searching for the perfect agency to help you achieve this. We know we stand out in this regard, because our commitment is to delivering only projects that are guaranteed to succeed, and we have a passion for developing exactly those kinds of mobile apps.

Your Application Has to Be Unique

What becomes immediately apparent to anyone investigating the world of mobile app commerce is that not all apps are created equal.Some mobile applications are more successful than others, but the reason for thatis quite simple – they easily recognisable, because they are one-of-a-kind.There are millions of mobile apps in Google Play and the App Store,all struggling to get to the top, but only a few of them ever reach it.We have discovered the best routes to get there,and our track record has shown how we have been able to guide clientswho have put their trust in us. We are firm believers that creating unique applicationscreates an enormous advantage when trying to attract attention.This is just as true when it comes to application design and user experience.Set yourself apart from the crowd – visually, functionally and in quality –and you will find yourself competing in a class of your making. But we don’t pride ourselveson just being able to turn heads. With every application, our teams aims to attractthe attention of global mobile users, but, most importantly, to build an applicationthat addresses and solves the specific problems our clients and their customers face as well.Once users begin to understand the value of our applications, they accept, use and share them,all of which equate to the success you hope to gain from your investment.

Five Reasons to Work with Us

Many developers offer you the world, and we appreciatethat you have many choices when it comes to development agenciesthat offer professional development services. Still, we believe the five qualities beloware the five best reasons we stand apart:
  • Immense Reusable Codebase – Just as you wouldn’t build a foundation by crushing rock and creating your cement,our years in business have endowed us with an immense library of reusable codethat we use to quickly build the foundation of our projects. These libraries make each app development project more stable, easier and faster to develop compared to someone starting from scratch.
  • Iterative and Flexible Process – Not every idea is a winner. We have learned that many concepts and ideas can look excellent on paper, but they can easily fall through in practice. We push back when we see those pitfalls, and we only take on projects we feel confident will succeed. Our passion isn’t just developing apps, but developing apps that work.
  • In-House Mobile Apps Developers – There is something reassuring about knowing the team responsible for your application is just around the corner. Our talented in-house development team is based in London, and they are here to answer your questions and explain everything you want to know about the process.
  • Great Expertise and Deep Knowledge – We would never have made it this far if we weren’t truly experienced and passionate about mobile app development. Our expertise and knowledge in this field have helped us to develop more than 100 mobile applications, always on time and always on budget. We always take our job seriously, and we provide our clients with only the best digital products.
  • iOS Application Development – Our agency specialises in developing mobile apps for iOS, and we also work with Android. We have many years of experience in development for Apple devices, so you can rest assured, knowing that you are going to end up with a high-quality project. Each application is fully optimised and built to maximise user experience, regardless of which devices your users use.